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Google+ vs. Facebook

This is a great article and infographic. I am signed up on Google+ and there is one thing that this article does not mention that I think is hurting Google right now and preventing me from wanting to use Google+. That is the lack of invitations available. Google did this with Gmail and Wave and it made sense as scarcity led to desire however when a site's usefulness is reliant upon social connectivity it does not make sense to limit the availability of it. Right now I can not connect with anyone that I want to so I am not too interested in using it. Once the invites are opened up I will add my friends, family and business contacts, connect with them and see what it has to offer.

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Infographic: Google+ vs. Facebook, the Only Comparison Chart You'll Ever Need

Google Plus Logo By now you've probably seen all the headlines, skipped through the "how to" guides, and read all the reasons why so many tech journalists and online socialites are clamoring to get into Google+, with some even bidding on eBay for a G+ invite.

But you? You're more cautious about putting yourself out there online. Perhaps you thinkGoogle+ is no different from that other time suck, Facebook. Or perhaps you're too weirded out by Facebook "poking" to care about learning the difference between a Google+ "huddle" and "hangout".

Fortunately, the folks over at created the infographic below to make it easy for you to see the most fundamental differences between the two social networks:

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FB Google+ infographic

If you're looking for a deeper dive on how the two social networks compare, be sure to read ourhands-on with Facebook's video chat and hands-on with Google+. Also check out PCMag's take on Google+ privacy terms. If youre a marketer, Google itself admits it is not yet ready for branded profiles like you'd find on Facebook.

And if the thought of managing yet another social network on top of your thinly-spread Facebook one, check out Crossrider, a third-party app that lets you synch your Facebook and Google+ feeds.


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