In 2008 there were 8.55 million internet enabled mobile phone users. Of those users, approximately 833,000 used their mobile phone for local search (source: ACMA Communications Report 2007/08). This was an increase of 88% from 4.56 million in 2007. The growth of mobile phone internet use cannot be ignored any longer.

The iPhone Has Changed The Mobile Internet Landscape Forever

The iPhone has revolutionised how the mobile phone is used to access the Internet. With a large, intuitive multi-touch screen the iPhone has significantly impacted the mobile internet landscape. Before the iPhone´s launch, browsing the Internet from your mobile phone was more of a chore than a convenience. Mobile internet browsing is rapidly becoming a viable alternative to monitor-based Internet browsing.

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The Screen Size Dilemma

As the mobile phone screen becomes large enough to make mobile Internet browsing viable, the standard LCD monitor used on your PC or Mac is also becoming larger. While the iPhone has a screen size of 3.5 inches, the smallest LCD monitor available for sale in the market today is 17 inches, with 19, 20 and 22 inch displays becoming more widely used.

Designing a website to produce optimum results from your website traffic means taking full advantage of the screen size and resolution you have available to you. This means that you will need to design a website that displays optimally on large LCD monitors and a different website that displays optimally on a mobile phone screen. Each website design needs a different approach.

How Mobile Web Design Differs from Standard Web Design

Regardless of where your website is being viewed the goal is the same - to drive visitor action whether that is to submit a form, make a phone call or buy a product. The difference is how that website is designed for the medium it is being viewed on.

Web 2.0 has lifted the bar for the users´ expectation of what a good website should ´look´ like. A standard website that is designed for a 17 inch monitor needs to have a high level of graphic design, including high quality images, strong background, clear navigation, integrated with website conversion principles. While this design will work very well on a computer monitor the same design will be far too difficult to view on a mobile phone screen because the wording will be too small to read and will require too much scrolling when zoomed in on.

A website designed for a mobile phone screen, on the other hand, will use the same website conversion principles as the standard website but will require a different style of web design to make it as easy for the user to read your wording and take action on your offer. Essentially, your mobile phone site will be a condensed version of your main site, optimised to drive visitor action.

Specialised Mobile Website Design

OLD Inc specializes in developing websites that produce results, that is, driving sales or sales leads online. Any website we design will be made to convert visitors in sales or sales leads. This is the same for mobile website design. Our mobile website design includes:

  • Mobile Website Strategy - mobile phone users browse the Internet differently to computer users. The first stage in the process is identifying the optimum structure for your mobile website to align with the psychology of a mobile phone user while simultaneously driving visitor action. Our online marketing strategists will review your current website and create a mobile website strategy.
  • Mobile Website Information Architecture - developing a mobile website requires a different style of information architecture to a standard web design. As part of the development process we will develop the optimum navigation and content display for the mobile phone user.
  • Mobile Website Copywriting - if required, our copywriters will rewrite the wording on your standard website in a mobile optimised format to ensure optimum user experience.
  • Call-To-Action Strategy - similar to our standard web development process we ensure that all pages of your website include clear call-to-actions throughout to make it as easy as possible for time-poor mobile phone users to take action on your offer.
  • Auto-Discover Functionality - we update your standard website so that when a mobile phone user visits your website they are automatically redirected to the mobile version instead, ensuring an optimum visitor experience. This is how all of the big players do it, such as Google, Digg and Facebook, and this is what we will do for you.
  • Form Integration - we integrate mobile website forms into your mobile website so that visitors can contact you on the go.
  • Clickable Phone Numbers - we ensure that iPhone users can click on the phone number on your mobile website and make a phone call instantly.
  • SEO Integration - we ensure that your mobile website is optimised for SEO using best practice mobile SEO implementation.
  • Mobile Coding Implementation - your mobile website will adhere to the latest mobile website standards.
  • Mobile Sitemap - we develop a mobile optimised XML sitemap and submit it to the major search engines.
  • Google Analytics - we setup and integrate Google Analytics into your mobile website so you can see a detailed breakdown of how your visitors are interacting with your mobile website, including conversion tracking.
  • Mobile Hosting - we help you setup hosting for your mobile website.

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