Online Marketing Questionaire

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  • Your online marketing success mantra is “Strategy first, execution second.” A little introspection now will save a world of heartache and bankruptcy paper-work later. Get ready to answer some pertinent questions. There are no right or wrong answers, but your responses are an assessment that will help sketch out required optimizations or smart first steps.

    The answers to online marketing success are within organizational leaders. It is important to look within before planning outward marketing execution. The questions below will help facilitate the organization’s value and distinction, and identify assets that can be used to support web marketing and goals. Clearly defined goals become the guide to online marketing execution. Remember, it is not the web marketing tools but rather how the online marketing is used to support goals that breeds successful results.

    The first six questions help form a big picture to gauge your readiness to enter the world of web marketing. The latter questions clarify who you and/or your organization are, what you do, and whom you serve—all points that will lead to online marketing optimizations, strategy, and eventual online marketing execution. These questions can be answered singly or in a brainstorming session with a team. So grab a legal pad or open a blank Word document, sit down with a warm or cold beverage of your choice, and mull over these queries.